Muckleford Forest is a special place for all of us who live near by and who walk through the forest, observing nature. Why start a blog? Our forest is under threat from a proposal to ‘control burn’ nearly 600 hectares in Spring 2011. Burning started on 14 October.

This won’t be the last prescribed burn. More are proposed for future years.

The purpose of this blog is to share information between those concerned about our Muckleford Forest with our local and wider communities.


2 responses to “About

  1. Chris

    We are planning to capture as many pre-burn photos of this area using a GPS camera. It will be very important baseline information to monitor the impact of burning on various components of the forest.

    I would encourage everyone to take as many preburn photos as possible.

    Peter and Libby

    • Peter and Libby – can you post instructions on doing this for those without a GPS camera or who have a smart phone please? And how can we coordinate what people are recording so we get wide coverage/consistency? Should we set up some transects?

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