Fire in our forests was hot on the radio towards the end of February 2012. Here is some listening still available on ABC Radio National: 3 programs in all.

Background Briefing (19.02.2012) Fighting Fire with Fire presented the debate amongst scientists, land managers, policy makers and politicians

Download audio:

Here is the transcript: Background Briefing Fighting Fire with Fire

Hindsight, The Fire Myth, in a repeated broadcast on 19 February 2012, presents a panel of historians, forest scientists and an archaeologist (Tom Griffiths, Ron Hateley, Scott Mooney, Kevin Tolhurst, Scott Mooney and archaeologist Rhys Jones).

Here is the link: (there is no transcript of this one)

Bill Gammage was interviewed on Counterpoint (Monday 20/2/2012). He talks about his recent book – The biggest estate on earth: How Aborigines made Australia (Allen and Unwin) and how he came to look more closely at the landscape and at the historical documents. He says that one of the big questions is: ‘If trees are growing in this spot now, why weren’t they growing in 1788? Why was it grass then and trees now?’ And that question was very fruitful for me.

And here is the link to listen to:

And here is the transcipt: Counterpoint Interview with Bill Gammage

IFFA Article

Interesting article in the July 2011 Indigenotes newsletter produced by the Indigenous Flora and Fauna Association (IFFA) – page 3 “Biodiversity in flames“. It gives a broader context about fuel reduction burns and the harms they can do, and suggests writing to politicians about it. See

4 November 8pm: Field Naturalists’ Club of Ballarat – Stella Bedggood Memorial Lecture in Primary Industries Training Centre , cnr Gillies and Gregory Street, Ballarat, at 8.00pm. Kevin Tolhurst will speak on Fire and Biodiversity Inquiries: 5339 4993

Fire Management Zones for the southern Muckleford Forest have been changed in response to detailed community submissions: Zone 1 has been reduced, likewise Zone 2 and more of our forest is now in Zone 3.  Revised Fire Management Zoning


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