2012 Submission

Here is the submission lodged by a group of Muckleford Forest neighbours and friends, and two local Landcare groups:
Muckleford Forest Submission 2012-2015 FOP (PUBLIC)

What does it say?

1 – that what DSE is doing is not in accordance with their Code of Practice

2 – that the way prescribed burning is being done is a ‘threatening process’ – it threatens the long-term survival of our woodland birds especially, but also numerous plants and other animals

3 – that if DSE continues to burn the Muckleford Forest at the new rate (based on last year and what is now proposed) – the whole forest will have been burnt in 7 years – that’s nearly three times faster than the minimum of ‘fire tolerance period’ 20 years

4 – box-ironbark forests don’t need fire to regenerate – that’s what the research tells us

5 – research into the Black Saturday fires says that reducing fuels adjacent to houses and infrastructure is the best way to protect them – that means 30-40 metres around them

6 – and that DSE fire officers say that they can’t do mosaic burns, they can’t protect large trees and that they can’t protect sensitive species within these large-scale burns.


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