Gold exploration across the Muckleford?

A gold exploration application has been lodged across a large area include the Muckleford Forest – and private land as well. The application has been approved according to the Kalamazoo web site. A bit hard to get the status clear via the government’s Earth Resources website – as you will see below it appears to be an ‘application’ but it appears from Kalamazoo website and media that it has been approved.


You can search mining tenements on this webpage – Mining Licences Near Me – and here is the image of the Kalamazoo application (Exploration Licence
EL006959) based on my address in Green Gully.

Should we worry? That’s a hard question! It depends on what they might plan to do within the Exploration Licence area: that is, their ‘work plan’. And whether locals read the classifieds in the local paper and or The Age or the Sun Herald.

Here is the web page about objecting to an Exploration Licence – website (

Seems like a watching brief – let us know if you notice anything – in the media or on the ground!



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