Guarding our internationally important bird area


Diamond Firetail (Geoff Park)

In 2014 Connecting Country posted that we have an internationally recognised IBA – an Important Bird and Biodiversity Area (IBA) right here!

IBAs are sites of global bird importance, and are considered to be critical for bird conservation.  BirdLife Australia has identified approximately 300 IBAs across the Australian territories, each of which had to meet at least one of four strict criteria

In Connecting Country’s area of interest, four local patches of habitat were included in 2009 as part of the Bendigo Box Ironbark IBA.  These include our patch – the Muckleford Forest – and three other areas, forest within mostly privately owned land in Strangways (but also encompassing the Rise and Shine Bushland Reserve); the Sandon Forest; and the Pilchers Bridge Nature Conservation Reserve. Read the full CC post.

The Bendigo Box Ironbark area was considered to be an IBA on the basis of it being an internationally important site for the Flame Robin, Diamond Firetail and Swift Parrot. Now Birdlife are looking for guardians for each IBA and Connecting Country are keen to find out if those who participate in Muckleford Forest activities via this blog are interested in getting involved. Interested? Email and we’ll let you know more!


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